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17 Awesome Free Online Marketing Courses for Digital Marketers


How to Use Trello to Manage a Remote Team

Time Doctor

How not to design a blog


12 Online Marketing Courses That Will Pay Off


How I went from underemployed waitress to the top 1% of millennials in 6 months

Business Insider

Lauren’s most viral article to date.

Diversify Your Income: All my Ideas for Making Money Online


A robust list of ways to make money online today.

Build an Empire: 11 Side Projects to Generate Revenue for Your Business

The Observer

A side-project is the new blog post.

How to Become a Marketing Manager (Advice From Those Who Made It)


Google isn’t doing a very good job at teaching people how to become marketing managers, so Lauren interviewed marketing executives to learn the fastest way to become a marketing manager today.

How to market your company without alienating your customers


In this post, Lauren asks prominent marketers, such as David Meerman Scott and Shane Snow: What’s the biggest mistake marketers make and how can they stop making them?

How to Work From Home and Get Stuff Done — An In-Depth Guide

CNBC, The Next Web

This post is the ultimate guide to working from home. It includes details on everything, from what you’ll need to get started to a long list of tips and tricks to do the best remote job possible.

The Definitive Guide to Start Here Pages

Vandelay Design

Start Here pages are becoming increasingly popular on trendy blogs. Learn how to create one for your website.

Have you Googled Yourself Lately? Tips on Personal SEO

Vandelay Design

In this guide, you’ll learn some personal SEO tips on how to get started optimizing your personal online presence because sooner or later, you’re going to be Googled, and you want those results to be all about you and how amazing you are.

Why You Need to Read and How to do it Efficiently

The Economist

You should never be too busy to read.

How to Create a Growth Hacking Framework


Let’s discuss why you need a growth process, detail the key documents you’ll need to get started and outline a step-by-step system for testing your growth hacking ideas.

The Best Design Articles of 2016


The most robust list of the best design articles of 2016.

How and why to be a nicer internet troll

Why the most popular post I’ve ever published made me cry.

How to correctly apply for a job

Learn how to correctly apply for a job.

How to land a job faster than your parents say “It’s time to move out”

The Muse

It takes an average of six months to land a job, so you best get started immediately.

The Remote Internship Toolkit


Here are the 10 tools Lauren recommends for effectively managing remote interns.

Freelancers, Interns: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Should you hire interns?

Effective content mindmap


A mindmap of the most effective content types.

Working for this startup wasn’t hell. You’re just old.


Lauren’s response to Dan Lyons’ book about HubSpot.

Growth Hacking Tactics That Every Startup Needs To Know


A roundup of the most popular growth hacks.

7-Step Content Marketing Plan: A Quick-Start Guide


A content marketing roadmap for beginners.

How to Make Your First Customer Journey Map (Quick Guide)


Learn how to make your first customer journey map quickly.

The Definitive Guide to Buyer Personas (+ Free Downloadable Template)


Create your buyer personas with this quick start guide and free, downloadable template.

How to Create Content for Skimmers, Sponges and Socialites


Learn how to create content for the three types of online readers.

4 Blog Post Promotion Strategies No One is Talking About


Learn four advanced content promotion strategies.

The 30 Best Websites to Learn Marketing for Free


A curated list of the 30 best content pieces that will teach you marketing for free.

Confessions of a SitePoint Editor


Learn the pet peeves of just about every editor online.

How to Make Your Blog Post Go Viral


Learn how to make your blog post blow up.

What Paul Jarvis Can Teach Us about Building a Business


Paul Jarvis teaches SitePoint readers how to build a freelance business.

An Argument Against Work-Life Balance


Consider the Four Burners Theory to rethink how you feel about work-life balance.

How to Write a Case Study That Wins You Clients


Screenshots are so last year. Learn how to write a case study that wins you clients.

How to Get Ideas: A Proven Framework for Success


There actually is a technique for getting ideas.

A Crash Course on Getting Stellar Client Testimonials


Because there is such a thing as a bad testimonial.

How to Deal With Slow Times at Work


Read this article when you’re bored.

Three Ways To Prove “Clients From Hell” Wrong With Data


Learn how to use Hotjar to prove clients from hell wrong with data.

Social Media Certifications: Useful or useless?


Lauren interviewed marketing influencers and students who paid for social media certifications. This is what she discovered.

Key Takeaways From Google Phantom Update


A list of bullet points about the Google Phantom update no one was talking about.

The Ultimate Writing Toolkit: 22 Awesome Writing Tools


All the tools you need to succeed with writing.

The Ultimate Email Toolkit: 16 Fantastic Email Tools


All the tools you need to succeed with email.

Delete Your Facebook Business Page Already


Here’s why you should delete your Facebook business page.

Startups are the best career development bootcamp, General Assembly

Learn why startups are perfect for people who want to gain a lot of experience fast.

Web Design vs Web Development: What’s the Difference


Learn the difference between web design and web development.

Why Native Advertising is Hotter Than Jennifer Lawrence


Sponsored content is hot — and for good reasons.

How To Get Rejected By YC And Move On: A Proven Framework


Here’s Lauren’s story about getting rejected from Y Combinator and how she moved on.

The 4 Hardest Lessons for Startups to Learn


Four hard lessons from a few failed startups.

Laugh Your Way to More Sales: How to be Funny


Learn how to be funny from the hysterical Sarah Cooper.

Working it: Demystifying the world of college internships

Orlando Weekly

The college internship: It’s a rite of passage for students, but should it be?


Orlando Weekly

Orlando college students are hooking up with rich older men through sugar-daddy websites. Is it modern romance, or just an easy way to the sweet life?

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