GoSkills User Research

Conducting user research to get a grasp on GoSkills highest LTV customers.


A current customer isn’t always the best customer.

When Lauren started working with GoSkills, the startup didn’t have any buyer personas and hadn’t done any user research.

The challenge was that GoSkills became popular due to posting its courses on Groupon and other similar deal sites. Unfortunately, customers who purchased on these sites are typically one-and-done customers.

These are not the type of customers GoSkills needed because it wanted to push its course subscription service to increase LTV and recurring revenue.

Lauren had a hunch that these customers were never going to subscribe, so she set out to prove her hypothesis by setting up a few different automated outreach campaigns with Reply.io. Replies came straight to Lauren’s inbox, so she could personally respond to everyone who opted to give feedback.

Simultaneously, Lauren convinced GoSkills to install Hotjar and set up:

  • Heatmaps
  • Screen recordings
  • And visitor polls  

These were quite informative, showing GoSkills that its price point was too high and that current visitors didn’t actually want a subscription; they wanted to purchase one course for a one-time fee.

If GoSkills wanted to increase revenue, then it had to make a choice: Reach (and appeal) to a new audience or trade in the subscription for one-time courses.

Either is a good and viable option, but in order to appeal to visitors who would purchase a subscription, they need to redesign their website to be up-to-date with current trends, something GoSkills is considering.




Ideal Audience vs. Current Audience

Lauren developed the following buyer personas after doing her due diligence.

Current Audience


Ideal Audience


What would Lauren do?

There is another very big challenge that GoSkills faces.

Because it hasn’t developed a course roadmap, its courses tend to not relate to each other. For example, someone who enrolled in an Excel course likely will not enroll in a productivity course.

This reason coupled with her other findings led Lauren to recommend changing its business model to one-time course fees at a higher price point — one close to its current customer LTV so it doesn’t lose money.

Finally, she suggests GoSkills funnels these one-time customers into micro-funnels that are specifically targeted to their interests, upselling them on other related courses they would likely be interested in based on their user behavior.

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