Growing brand awareness and increasing domain authority for GoSkills in a few months.



GoSkills wanted to increase its brand awareness among college students as well as secure a significant amount of backlinks in just a few short months in order to increase its domain authority and rank higher in Google.

Lauren’s solution? Develop a scholarship for female college students who wanted to be their own boss someday, hence the title “#BetheBoss.”




The Process


First, Lauren needed to figure out the logistics of the scholarship. She had to ask herself:

Who can apply?

She settled on female entrepreneurs because “women in tech” has been a huge issue recently, and so the focus was timely and easy to resonate with.

How do they apply?

Applicants had to submit a business plan to apply and answer a few questions.

Where do they apply?

Those who were interested can apply through the scholarship page found on GoSkills website.

How many scholarships will be awarded each year?

Lauren decided on two based on GoSkills’ budget and so the scholarship could be promoted year-round.

When are the deadlines?

The deadlines are set as: Sep. 15 and March 15 — perfect timing for fall and spring semesters, when students are scouring for scholarships.

When are the winners announced?

The winners are announced a month later to give the team an ample amount of time to review the applications.

How will applications be reviewed?

The applications are reviewed on merit — or rather how good the applicant’s business plan and answers to their questions were.

What is the award amount?

$2,000 each.


After the details were approved, Lauren began designing the landing page.

First, she wrote the copy.

Next, she designed the landing page in Sketch.

Finally, the developers coded the landing page you can see live today.



Last and certainly not least, Lauren optimized a long list of U.S. colleges that featured scholarships on its websites.

Due to the size of the project, she recruited the help of a phenomenal marketing consultant to help her with outreach.

We developed the email copy, then he set up an automated outreach campaign using Reply.io.

Daily, hundred of email replies would arrive in Lauren’s inbox.


They sent nearly 1,000 emails, 850 of which were delivered (a 97% delivery rate). Out of those, they had a 44% open rate and around 92 unique replies.

While the links are still coming in, the campaign resulted in 45+ backlinks from .edu websites.

The first deadline has passed, and GoSkills received ~100 scholarship applications by the Sep. 15 deadline.

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