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When Lauren started working with GoSkills, some would say its blog was a bit of a mess. It only featured short, promotional articles with poor visuals, and its overall design was overwhelming, difficult to navigate and highly unreadable. Because of this, GoSkills’ blog received little to no traffic.

Lauren’s first order of business was redesigning the blog so it was enjoyable to read and easy to navigate between the different categories.

Because GoSkills wanted to stick with its custom built CMS (Lauren recommended WordPress), she designed two mockups in Sketch — a single blog post page design and a blog homepage design — and gave it to the developers to implement.

While that was being coded, Lauren reached out to prominent freelance writers, recruiting from sites like The Muse, Inc and Sumo. She also reached out to up-and-coming, influential YouTubers so she could implement video into the mix.

After the first month of publishing one post per week and one 10x content piece per month, traffic to the site increased a whopping 29 percent and continues to increase MoM. Time spent on site increased dramatically as well.

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