Flo Rida.

The first-ever official fan club website for Multi Platinum Recording Artist Flo Rida.

America’s most versatile rapper expands his online presence.

Since signing with Atlantic Records in 2006, Flo Rida has become a massive hit with everyone from young kids to grandmas.

MTV has debated whether he’s the best selling rapper of the digital age. He’s landed on Forbes’ Hip Hop Cash Kings list; and “My House” has been licensed for ads hawking everything from Pizza Hut garlic knots to a $33 million West Hollywood estate.

In fact, Flo’s combined most popular Spotify plays tally just under the one billion mark, outranking even Drake and Rihanna, and he reaches more than 18 million fans on Facebook.

With his distinct reputation for being accessible to fans, creating an official website for his fans to come together online was the natural next step. This year, Flo Rida tapped Lauren to design his first-ever ecommerce/fan club site — Club Flo.


Flo Rida



A genuine and accessible experience for Flo Rida fans.

The challenge involved designing a beautiful, user-friendly experience from scratch for Flo’s fans that looked great on every device.

There was a lot of information about the artist on the web, but a lot of it was incorrect and hard to find.

Lauren designed a gorgeous, mobile-friendly WordPress website and embedded code from Shopify for a seamless site experience. The freshly minted Club Flo website stays true to the flashy and iconic style Flo Rida is known for.

The new site will launch in the near future, but Flo’s team is happy with the outcome, looking forward to setting it live soon.


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