The Startup Toolkit: New Resources to Get More Done

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Entrepreneurs routinely take lessons from startup blogs that are not necessarily by startup founders but rather writers for big name magazines.

It can get a bit redundant, and it can be difficult to find the golden needle in the haystack of junk on the Internet.

1000 unread emails.

One meeting with a hot investor.

Another meeting with your boss at your full-time job.

Then a Skype meeting with your virtual assistant or intern.

If you’re founding a startup then this is most likely how your day plays out. There’s meeting after meeting and phone call after phone call, leaving no time to get any real work done.

To help you get started and learn about new resources that will help you get work done more efficiently, we created this Startup Toolsday column with you in mind.

Conspire: Forget LinkedIn. Conspire is changing the way people connect online by tapping into your Google account. It is a free tool that connects with your Google account to find the best pathway to an introduction to a new contact. You can search by company or person.

Voila Norbert: This is the best tool for finding anyone’s email address hands down. All you do is type in the person’s full name and their domain name without inputting “http” or “www.” and out pops the email address in less than 30 seconds.

Charlie: Charlie will become one of your good friends. He is your personal assistant, who provides will provide you with a one-pager of each person you’re meeting with each morning. As a busy entrepreneur, you don’t have time to research the people you’re meeting with so let Charlie take care of that for you.

JustReachOut: Getting the word out about your startup can be difficult, and sending a bland, generic press release to every journalist you know isn’t going to get you coverage. This is where JustReachOut helps. Search for a certain term, such as popular terms in your industry, and it will show you the latest stories based on those words. Now, you can personally reach out to journalists who are covering your industry.

Namium: Trying to build a business and stay creative is hard. You need to be creative when choosing a startup name these days. Namium provides you with a wealth of creative and available domain names.

Flowdock: Flowdock is a company chat system. Its desktop, mobile and web applications help teams collaborate by creating one inbox for internal members to use.

F6S: While the website isn’t easy on the eyes, its deals are fantastic. Find thousands of discounts for startups like yours. It has every promotion you can imagine, from deals on explainer videos to discounts on the latest web apps.

Launch This Year: Are you fundraising? Maybe you’re recruiting or building the first version of your product. No matter where you are in the “starting a business” cycle, Launch This Year is a curated learning path for entrepreneurs who are aiming to launch their business in 2015.

DUBS: Concentrating when everyone is conversating can be hard, and ear plugs are unstylish and ineffective at blocking out noise most of the time. DUBS solves these problems. The DUBS are advanced tech earplugs that reduce volume without sacrificing the clarity of sound plus they look cool. You have the options of pink, teal, light blue or gray.

Lightshot: Lightshot is a free customizable screenshot taker. Collaborate with your team on website prototypes by commenting and drawing directly on the screenshot itself.

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