Portent’s Misty Weaver Wants to Hire More Content Marketers

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“The worst part about content marketing,” says Portent’s Misty Weaver, “is seeing it done without a clear strategy.”

She should know as she is the content strategy lead at Portent, a popular content marketing agency in Seattle, and a content strategy lecturer at University of Washington.

Recently, SkilledUp had the chance to speak with Weaver. Here’s what we learned.

The first step in a content marketing career is learning how to research“Learn how to conduct research – qualitative and quantitative. Nowadays, we have a lot of data so content marketers need to make data-driven decisions, but they also need to get a sense of how people talk,” she said.Weaver recommends getting out there and observing people.

“You need a little bit of journalism training to balance out the data-driven decisions, and it will help you find out people’s stories.”

Hiring a good content marketer is still a challenge

Recruiting a good content marketer is still a challenge because everyone is still deciding what good content marketing is exactly.

Weaver says the best candidate is the audience-focused person, who can come out with a strategy on-top and then execute it.

You don’t need a marketing degree to be successful

True or false: You need a marketing degree to be successful in #ContentMarketing? Get the answer here

Weaver’s background is a bit offbeat.

She has a degree in library information science combined with experience in journalism, anthropology and psychology, all of which helped her understand how to learn about people and their needs.

Weaver is looking for audience-driven people to add to Portent’s content marketing team

Seriously, she is. Check out the job descriptions here.

“I’m looking for that audience-driven piece. Someone who has the ability to read and understand data, but who can also see the big picture,” she said. “I want to see writing portfolio pieces also. I want to know they are someone who can write for audience needs.”

If you apply, know that Weaver looks at portfolios very closely, and she gives extra weight to candidates who design graphics to accompany their writing.

Hungry for more content marketing insights? Here’s three of Weaver’s favorite resources.

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