Mashable CMO Talks Content Marketing

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More than half of all heads of companies cite creativity as the most important leadership article. At least that’s what Fast Company magazine says.1

Mashable Chief Marketing Officer Stacy Martinet agrees.

“Creativity is at an all-time high, inspiring people around the world. We are in an exciting era for marketing and advertising, when marketers are choosing between creating a 6-hour commercial or a 6-second Vine,” Stacy Martinet has said.2

SkilledUp recently sat down with Martinet to talk about Mashable and content marketing. Here’s what she had to say:

To be great at social media is to be great at analytics

“Great social media talent understands more than social media; [they] understand a few things: content creation, community building and also that the new skill is analytics — how to use analytics effectively,” she said.

“They also understand strategy and how social media plays a part in its drive to purchase. Before it was just about community management, engagement and building.”

There is not one career path in content marketing

“You have to be an avid consumer of content, and you have to really love media in all its forms. You have to be really good at writing too,” Martinet said.

Writing takes practice and help

“You get better at writing with practice. Then you get an editor, who doesn’t have to be a professional editor. They could be a mentor or a friend you co-publish a blog with.”

Intellectual flexibility is extremely attractive to Martinet

“When it comes to hiring content marketing talent, I most look for intellectual flexibility. I want someone who is the full-stack, but who is also flexible in what the role is going to be because it will probably be a different digital world in 6-10 months. You have to be able to evolve and adapt.”

Pay attention to LinkedIn’s marketing

“One of my favorite places to learn about social media is Mashable. We cover a lot of content around emerging media. I think LinkedIn is doing a really good job too, and of course trade publications, such as Ad Age and Adweek.”

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